Residential Real Estate

Whether you are purchasing, selling, refinancing or require title services, closing services or real estate advice, we are committed to providing you representation that is above and beyond. With over twenty years of experience in the practice of real estate law, we provide excellent and knowledgeable service to our clients. We are available to provide real estate services throughout the State of Vermont. Flat fee pricing, a dedicated and qualified team, and a convenient and comfortable environment provide our clients with exceptional service at reasonable rates.



Whether you are buying your first home or have purchased multiple properties, each client and each transaction is unique. We recognize this and take nothing for granted in determining the services you need to accomplish a smooth and timely purchase. With over twenty years representing Purchasers, we make sure that your questions are answered, your time is respected and you are kept informed every step of the way.

A real estate purchase is typically the largest investment you may make in your lifetime. Usually it is a very exciting time. However, the amount of work that goes into finding the property and getting to closing can be extensive. By relying on us, we will make sure that this process is as simple as possible. Our client service director, Deb Nerber, is dedicated to making sure our clients receive what they need in a timely way. She will coordinate your closing date, provide you with the amount of funds you will need and method of transfer, and is readily available to answer your questions.

The reason that you hire an attorney is to conduct a title search of the property at the Town Clerk’s office and to examine various additional public records to determine whether title to the property is marketable. An Attorneys Report & Opinion on Title, which is a summary of our search results, is provided to you for review. For this document to be of value, the attorney providing it must use their expertise and training to assess the risk of whether any of the listed encumbrances will affect your property in a negative way and to advise you of these and what can be done to minimize these risks. Our team is dedicated to making sure you are aware of any potential issues early in the process and help you find ways to handle them. One way we can do this is with title insurance. As an agent of multiple title insurance companies, we have the ability to negotiate title insurance coverage on your and your lender’s behalf to make sure that the policy issued is the one that best meets your needs. We recommend all Purchasers obtain an Owner’s Policy. To learn more about the benefits of Owner Title Insurance, click here.

We look forward to your closing and want to make sure this is a time of celebration for you, not worry. Let us take the hassle out of the process and do the work for you, so you can begin enjoying your new home.


Seller representation is about more than document preparation. In light of the new changes to the closing process, it is essential that representation should begin as soon as you have made a decision to list your property. The more information that can be obtained at the beginning of the process, the more likely the closing will occur without delays. We welcome the opportunity to advise and counsel sellers and bring our extensive experience to work for you. Whether you require help with writing or reviewing a Purchase and Sale Contract, negotiation of issues, referral to a qualified local realtor, or guidance as to the legal requirements you must meet in advance of the sale, it helps to have the perspective of a professional with years of closing experience.

You can count on our team to determine in advance what needs to be done to make sure you are ready to close when the time comes. The legal requirements for sellers vary based on the type of property you are selling. Things such as smoke and carbon monoxide requirements, Resale Certificates, Essential Maintenance Practice Statements, Fire Safety Inspections and compliance with Town and State Permits should be considered at the listing stage to make sure you are ready to go when you find the right buyer. Many of these can be done in advance and will help you to stay on track and close on time.

We are committed to making sure our clients receive what they need in a timely way. From the preparation of the legal documents necessary to convey title of the property, to obtaining your mortgage payoffs, and facilitating closing, there will be no delays on our end. We know that your time is valuable and we strive to provide you with same day response to any questions or issues that may arise. Whether you require a telephone conference or meeting with an attorney, closing support or information regarding the process, we will make sure that you receive it at the earliest possible time.

We have extensive experience dealing with short sale and foreclosure properties. If you are in need of assistance in selling in these special circumstances, we are here to help. Our team will evaluate your outstanding obligations and make specific recommendations that will allow you to move forward with the best strategy for sale.